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A case of stroke mimic in the setting of metastatic melanoma

UMJM Follow Jul 30, 2021 · 1 min read
A case of stroke mimic in the setting of metastatic melanoma

Author: Quinn Robertson-Stovel BSc

In the emergency setting, brain tumours can present as “stroke mimics”, which are a category of non-vascular pathological conditions that can present with a stroke-like clinical picture. Ischemic stroke presentations are heterogenous with a wide variety of presenting symptoms and signs depending on the area of the brain a ected. Distinguishing between stroke mimics and ischemic strokes is an important challenge that requires a thorough work-up. Due to the time-sensitive nature of ischemic stroke treatment and the potentially disastrous consequences of not receiving proper treatment for an ischemic stroke, accurately identifying an ischemic stroke or stroke mimic is of utmost importance. Accurate diagnosis of stroke mimic also allows for the mimic to be accordingly investigated and treated appropriately. This report presents a case of stroke mimic due to a metastatic brain tumour. The case illustrates one of the causes of stroke mimic, the work-up required to arrive at the correct diagnosis, and why distinguishing between an ischemic stroke and stroke mimic can prevent unnecessary treatment and lead to proper follow-up.

Keywords: ischemic stroke, stroke mimic, brain tumour, melanoma

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